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Terms of Service

1. Violation of this Agreement


In case of violation of this agreement, the account belonging to the customer will be immediately terminated upon the discretion of YesTech and the refund policy/money back guarantee will automatically be void for the offending customer. The agreement is disputable and YesTech reserves the right to decide whether any kind of action is the violation of this agreement or not.


2. Delivery of Services


Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and Virtual Private Server (Linux) accounts are instantly activated upon payment. After successful payment, the client will receive an automated receipt from the YesTech billing system. The clients are to preserve the YesTech receipt as a document for future reference. Information regarding clients’ service will be sent to the clients’ email specified in their registration account.


3. Prohibition:



  • Pornography Child/ Adult
  • Adult Content 
  • Copyrighted Material that does not belong to you
  • Port Scanners
  • Gambling Sites
  • Lottery Sites
  • File Hosting Sites
  • Hacking community websites or any website promoting the act of hacking or phishing
  • Banner-Ad Services
  • Pirated Software
  • Programs with the ability to launch DDoS attacks such as variations of LOIC or HOIC
  • Warez or Warez Linking
  • Botnet Controller
  • Scamming or Fake Websites
  • YesTech reserves sole right to TERMINATE any website that goes against the terms and conditions, without providing any notification and backup service.


4. Unacceptable usages:



  • Attempting to interfere or deny service to any user or host on the Internet.
  • Using the service for mail bombing or spamming
  • Using the service to operate a program that is unauthorized
  • Using the service for video encoding
  • Attempting to cancel, supersede, or otherwise interfere with any email other than your own.
  • Using the service to engage in syn flood attacks
  • Furnishing false data on your sign-up form, contract, or online application, including providing fraudulent credit card or other payment information


5. Restricted uses (resource):



  • Use 10% or more of CPU resources for longer than 60 seconds (Applies to Virtual Servers only)
  • Use more than 512MB of Memory/RAM per cPanel Account (Applies to Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting Services ONLY)
  • Use more than 20% of 1 CPU Core PER cPanel Account (Applicable to Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting services ONLY)
  • Run stand-alone, unattended server-side processes at any point in time on the server. This includes each and every daemon, such as IRCD. (Applicable to Shared & Reseller Hosting Services)
  • Run any bit torrent application, tracker, or client.
  • Participate in any file-sharing/peer-to-peer activities.
  • Run cron entries with intervals of less than 15 minutes.


6. Unlimited Disk and Bandwidth Usage Policy:  


  • Unlimited hosting plans are designed to host most personal, small business and organization websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage is not available for resellers, VPS and Dedicated Server.
  • An unlimited user cannot use any music and video files, applications, zip/rar/iso files.
  • An unlimited user cannot use it as file storage.


7. Money Back / Refund Policy:


Hosting services are liable for 15 days satisfaction guarantee. To cancel hosting services and refund, the clients must contact to YesTech authority within 15 days from the effective date of the particular services. Only newly purchased hosting fees are refundable. Set up, domain name registration, SSL Certificate, dedicated IP, renewal payment, got suspended by abuses with the resource, and other one-time fees are not refundable.  Paypal & Payza payments will be refunded through online and other payment methods will be acceptable with transaction service cost. If YesTech transfers clients’ site then site transfer fee ($8) will be deducted from the refundable money.

Violations of the Terms of Service will waive any refund.


  • If your bandwidth usage is more than 5 GB then Money Back policy will not apply.
  • Rapid Leech hosting 24 hours refund policy applies.
  • Refund/Money Back policy not applicable to any VPS/Dedicated Server.
  • Any promotional offer/price will not apply for a refund.


8. Payments System:


If a shared/reseller account has a past due invoice, we will perform the following actions.
1-4 Days – No Action Taken
5 Days – Accounts are suspended
10 Days – Late Fee Added
30 Days – Accounts will be terminated.

If a VPS has a past due invoice, we will perform the following actions.
1-4 Days – No Action Taken
5 Days – Accounts are suspended
7 Days – Accounts are terminated

Dedicated servers will be suspended as soon as an invoice is overdue.




All DMCA/Complain will be forward to account holders for a deal with it except USA location.


10. Changing terms and conditions



YesTech has the permission to make any modifications to the terms and conditions at any time, If a customer does not wish to agree on the changes in our terms and conditions, he can cancel the agreement until the date that the new terms and conditions apply, until this date or on the date of receiving of the cancellation, if this applies after the commencing date.

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